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Still struggling to buy a mobile crusher or a traditional crusher?

Time: 2020-04-28

With the continuous emergence of intelligent products now, it is more and more convenient for people's lives. Even the crusher is constantly being innovated. For example, the mobile crusher has broken some of the shortcomings of the traditional crusher. The design is convenient for mobile operations and reduces the transportation cost of relocation operations at any time. But there are still some people who are struggling to buy a mobile crusher or a traditional crusher, so I will take you to analyze the difference between the two.
Let ’s start with the function. The mobile crusher is an integrated design of the whole vehicle, which includes the feeder + crusher + vibrating screen + conveyor. It can be used for continuous operation. Many people buy it, they just like it. The function is complete, it is convenient to move, and it also saves space. It is suitable for use in a relatively small production site, eliminating the trouble of assembling various auxiliary equipment and saving man-hours. If your operating site is large and you do not need to change the operating site, you can consider using a traditional crusher.
In terms of environmental protection, the mobile crusher has added dust removal and noise reduction equipment to reduce the dust pollution of the air, and the noise is relatively small.
In terms of cost, you may think that a mobile crusher is more expensive, but it is the price that includes all the production equipment, and the other crushers you see are all single prices. Once purchased, it will cost a lot of money.
On the whole, it should be determined according to your actual situation. For small sites and frequent mobile operations, mobile crushers are especially suitable for road construction, rail laying, and hydropower projects. If your site is large, and the transportation is convenient, you can basically choose a traditional crusher if you will not transfer the work site.